Leia Lauren goes to Tasmania - home of Bellamy's Organic!
In December 2016, we went on our first family campervan trip in Tasmania with 17-month old Leia and Lauren.

Let's Smash Cake!

Let's Smash Cake!
Who doesn't like to see 2 babies destroy a cake?    

Our little ones turned One!
In a blink of an eye, my babies are not such babies anymore!

Happiness Recipe - Photoshoot with Baby Axioo
"Why do you need photoshoots when you are already doing photoshoots for Leia and Lauren?"  That's what we get from friends when we shared about the date with Baby Axioo. Well, turns out the the professionals are really good at what they do...

Celebrating Mamahood in Bali
While I was never a fan of the crass commercialism associated with Mother's Day, I am aware that this designated day is a good reminder for us to stop, celebrate and give thanks to our selfless moms who have given her best to the family.