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While I am never a fan of the crass commercialism associated with Mother's Day, I am aware that a designated day serves as a good reminder for us to stop, celebrate and give thanks to our selfless mom who is always giving her best to the family.  It is so easy to take her for granted amidst our hectic work-life-friends schedule.

So here I am now, officially a mommy on my very first Mother's day.  Certainly won't be expecting a touching handmade card from my little babies this year!  Let's just say that it's worth celebrating that Leia and Lauren survived my parenting! 

A Mother's day weekend escape to Bali
at Karma Jimbaran Resort

And this is how we roll~

Mid-swim snack. Leia and Lauren never goes hungry!

Best times are times spent with bubs, sharing giggles and all!

Little Lauren enjoying the warm hospitality of Karma Jimbaran, and that includes being carried around all the time too!

Morning snuggles
A tender moment of Lauren showering Leia with affection

Encouraging a sense of humour in our kids. It is what makes life fun anyway!

In-villa barbeque is such a fantastic option for we got to dine in comfort - barefoot!

Leia, missing out on an amazing sunset yet again.


  • Livia

    I’m really amazed. how you can take care of twins without baby sitter or helper? especially with traveling. inconceivable to prepare of the luggage and the needs of baby twins ??
    can you tell me how traveling together baby twins. such as during meals, whether leia n Lauren can sit back waiting for his parents to eat?
    You are a good parents ?

  • Veronica

    I love them! And you are so brace to travel to so many places with them :)
    Where are their straw hats from? Ava at the shop?

  • lida delina

    there are good shots here that I haven’t seen in IG or FB. it’s good that I was able to explore your page.

  • Blaise

    Hello there momo twins _

  • Rechel

    So adorable. ❤❤❤❤

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