Happiness Recipe

"Why do you need photoshoots when you are already doing photoshoots for Leia and Lauren?"  That's what we get from friends when we shared about the date with Baby Axioo.  
Well, turns out the professionals are really good at what they do!   We received the photos last week and can't be any happier.   Aveline the lead photographer and her team at Baby Axioo were warm and friendly, and they do know how to keep Leia and Lauren entertained!  I guess the pictures speak for themselves.  Hope you like them as much as we do.
Aveline did a marvellous post on her time with us, read it here.


  • Candice VanHooser


  • Kristine Li

    Super cute and well captured! And I just wanna say, the designed header banner (the one with 1Tbsp of Love etc) of the Recipe is very adorable!

  • Lida Delina

    Love the pictures!

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