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March 09, 2017 0 Comments

Leia Lauren goes to Tasmania from peterambertravel on Vimeo.

Just about 2 years ago, Peter and I ventured down south to Tasmania for the first time. We got to immerse in the beauty and serenity of the untouched wilderness, from the tranquil walking trails to the amazing views over Aussie’s best beaches. We did a clockwise trip (see our travel video here) starting from Hobart and covered Bruny Island, Lake St Clair, West Kentish, Bay of Fires and Freycinet Park. We enjoyed the pace of this state- a tad slower than the rest of the country, perfect for the urban junkies like us who yearn to disconnect and relax. This place is blessed with such a beautiful and calm energy!

Fast forward two years later, with Leia and Lauren in tow, we are thrilled to partner with Bellamy’s Organics and had the opportunity to head back to Tasmania, home of Bellamy’s Organics, for a video project. We managed to re-visit our favourite spots – the relaxing Hundred Acre Hideway in Bruny Island and the spectacular Eagles Nest Retreat in West Kentish.  The motorhome from Hertz Autorent gave us much flexibility to explore the place as well as stop as and when the girls needed a rest.

Many have asked why we, of all the dime and dozen formula brands out there, chose Bellamy’s Organics for Leia and Lauren. I thought I shall share our personal experiences here with you if you’ll like to know. Both Peter and I really love that Bellamy’s is a certified organic brand, which is so important to know that what we are feeding our daughters are free from any harmful chemicals and is a product of organic and responsible farming practices that doesn’t harm the environment (being the nature lovers that we are). Being produced in Australia gave us a peace of mind. This country has one of the highest food safety standards in the world!

Our babies were breastfed for the first few months before we weaned them to formula. Like most first-time parents, we were faced with so many brands and types of formula (it does get daunting) that for a period of time we weren’t really sure what works best. So we started trying out various brands for the first few months and it wasn’t ideal. They were either experiencing bouts of constipation with bloating or extremely loose stools. On some instances, not keen on their milk intake. It was only with Bellamy’s that we started to witness some positive results- a consistent daily and healthy stool routine and most importantly, they finish up their milk most of the time now!

Ever since, Leia and Lauren have been on it consistently for their daily feeds. On top of formula, we started them on the organic baby porridge then and we have now transitioned into the baby pastas and fruit snacks alongside with their home-cooked meals. The food pouches also comes in handy whenever we are out or traveling. Their favourite flavor got to be the organic banana apple porridge!

Disclaimer:  We visited Tasmania in partnership with Bellamy's Organic.  What we are sharing here are our personal opinions and experiences. 

Sharing some pictures of the trip here:

Picked up our motorhome from Hertz Autorent at Hobart airport

First night at Snug Beach Cabin Park, girls loved the spacious double bed!

Hundred Acre Hideaway

Checked into our Bruny Island escape pod at Hundred Acre Hideaway!

Bubs playing in the vineyard

Lunch with our mates, Jen and Phil from Hundred Acre Hideaway

Perks of being Daddy's girls, getting a free lift up the 279 steps at The Neck Lookout 

Boardwalk to the beach and viewing platform for penguins, they didn't come out thou!

A long drive in to visit Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Trying to chase wallabies outside our cottage

A relaxing soak in our private hot-tub right outside the balcony

Savouring some artisan cheese and bread at Bruny Island Cheese Co

Took a short nap at The Neck

Murals at Sheffield

A really cool vintage shop, loads of vinyl and rock CDs

Our private pond at Nest III, Eagles Nest Retreat, with Mount Roland in full view

January weather average about 20'C perfect for playtime outdoors 

Inside Nest III 

Cows roaming at our neighbours property

Bubs enjoying some spa time :)

Fair to say bubs really enjoyed the space

Yet another oyster feast

Bicheno beach


Bicheno beach

Morning view over Mount Wellington, a mighty steep and long drive up!