Leia & Lauren - The First 100 Days

 The first 100 days of our momo twin daughters Leia and Lauren.

This is the side many didn't get to see. At the risk of serious cord entanglement, they were born at 32 weeks at 1.5kg each. This video shows how small they were born, how frail they were and how far they have come.

We feel incredibly blessed to have doctors, nurses, friends and family who have supported unconditionally in this journey. We hope this video gives faith and inspiration to those parents with preemies and that the dark days do pass quickly, and happy (noisy) days shall prevail. God works wonders! 

Shot with Sony A7S and A7RII
Music 'Dance with me' by Robert Shelly Kelly licensed from Musicbed


  • Lida Delina

    First time to see this video and I can"t believe how small and frail they were. See how they have grown to be the adorable babes they have become! Happiest 1st birthday Leia and Lauren!

  • Bruna

    Hello my names Bruna I am the biggest fan of leia and Lauren they are very beautiful and very fluffy wanted to have the opportunty to know them some day what do I do?Made in Brazil

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