Hello Weekends - Episode 3

Travelogue of our week-long trip to Tokyo and Kyoto during the Cherry Blossoms season. Places of interest include Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens, Ueno Park, Meguro River, Maruyama Park, Nijo Castle, Arashimaya Bamboo Grove, Fushimi Inari Shrine (Red Torii Gates).
Read more about our trip here



  • Mega Gunawan

    Leia and lauren are adorable baby. They always make someone else smile by seeing their picture. I wish both of you grow well and love each other. Your parents may be lucky to have cute babies like you.
    Anyway I can not play the video :( in this web site.

  • Christie H.

    Omg i love them so much, the first thing i do is check your ig, seeing them smile, grow up, & eat a lot can really put a smile on anybody’s face :) stay chubby n cute forever leia lauren ♥

  • Nichole H.

    Just love, love, love these sweetie pies and this video is just beautiful! This video is so beautiful and they are just growing up overnight. Precious girls!! I just smile every time I get a notification! Love you sweet babies!

  • Blaise Anthony Gomes

    So adorable, they are so precious :) God bless them..

  • Lida Delina

    Finally, I heard their squeals! It seemed they have enjoyed Tokyo and Kyoto!

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