A Greener Future, One Wash at a Time

Sometime back we posted a video of our girls drinking from straws and received some feedback requesting us to reduce our plastic footprint by eliminating single-use plastics such as straws. Admittedly late in this going-green journey, it got us reflecting about how we can consciously reduce our carbon footprint and move towards adopting a more responsible lifestyle, through our daily actions.


So when Seventh Generation approached us to review their eco-friendly household products, especially the Free & Clear range, we agreed to try out the product. Made of 97% plant-based ingredients with 0% dyes and synthetic fragrances, we were initially skeptical if it could thoroughly clean off stubborn stains. We tried it and was positively surprised that our laundry came out fresh and clean! What we’re used to is the overpowering fragrance from our usual detergents, where it is now replaced with a gentle natural fragrance as it is powered by plants!


What’s most important, is that the Free & Clear laundry detergent is dermatologically-tested and made for the most sensitive skin. Apparently tested to remove 60 of the toughest of stains, it’s nice to note that this product when compared to usual harsh detergents that is loaded with chemicals, this is certainly the right choice for parents with kids and babies. Additionally, these bottles are 100% post-consumer recycled bottles too – perfect to kick-start our little ‘go green’ steps!


Knowing that the process of our wash is not negatively impacting the environment has helped put us in the right step towards a greener future for our kids, one wash at a time. Afterall, every little conscious decision can help make a big difference to protecting our lovely Mother Nature and helping our next generation!


Join us as we nurture the health of the next seven generations;
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Disclaimer - this is a sponsored post but all opinions are entirely ours and sponsors only fact-check for product accuracies