Australia is always a good idea when it comes to planning a family friendly holiday. Now that Leia and Lauren are bubbly toddlers (2.5 years old) eager for new experiences, it is an ideal time for them to visit Queensland, Australia.

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Jaipur, the Pink City of India

When I first got to Jaipur, the fascinating Pink City of India, I knew that this trip would touch me in a different way. Compared to the countries that we have been to before, Jaipur was different, architecturally and culturally.

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Hello Bali

While I was never a fan of the crass commercialism associated with Mother's Day, I am aware that this designated day is a good reminder for us to stop, celebrate and give thanks to our selfless moms who have given her best to the family.

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Hello Tokyo + Kyoto

There is something magical about this season in Japan - the perfect weather and the stunning lush sakura bloom. And that was the reason we decided to bring Leia and Lauren to Tokyo & Kyoto!

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